Chile – Argentina. Birds & Wine!

Andean Condor

Andean Condor in the Andes of Santiago, Chile. A bird we will see as we take one of the most gorgeous of road trips – crossing the Andes between Chile and Argentina. We will see some great birds, but we will also visit the tallest mountain in the Americas, Mt. Aconcagua.What a winning combination! Central Chile and Mendoza, Argentina hold some great birding and a substantial number of the endemic species found in these countries. Also specialties of the region are Carmenere and Malbec; two of the signature varietals of this part of the world. Yes, wine here is fantastic.

  • Two week trip
  • March 2016 dates TBA
  • Price (2015 tour) $4800 US – from Santiago.
  • Can be combined with Easter Island tour!!!
  • Comfortable accommodation, super food and wine.
  • Led by Chile’s bird expert, and local wine pros.
  • See many of Chile’s endemics, and a good sampling of Argentina’s endemics.
  • Half day pelagic that will knock your socks off in terms of numbers and diversity. We are back on the dock by lunch time!
  • Friendly people, modern infrastructure, potable water, and very safe nations.
  • A birding trip you won’t have to explain to your non-birding friends. They will be jealous!

Download Chile Argentina Birds & Wine – Itinerary 2015

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Picture taking in a Moustached Turca, a Royal Albatross, a White-throated Cacholote and washing that down with some of the world’s best wine. How can we go wrong on this trip! Seafood on the coast, Sauvingnon Blanc, and breeding Inca Terns and Humbold Penguins. The world’s best beef, the world’s best Malbecs, with a sprinkling of world class birds such as Steinbach’s Canastero, Subtropical Doradito and Cinnamon Warbling-Finch. This is indeed a unique trip. Also it is a trip that is scheduled such that some days will be strictly birding, while other days will be a mix, a little birds and a little wine. We will taste in various well known regions, Mendoza Argentina; Colchagua Valley in Chile; and the Casablanca Valley in Chile among others.

This trip concentrates on central Chile and Mendoza, Argentina. There are no internal flights, all travel is on land. The pace is relaxed and the habitats are birdy. This is not a trip to see all of the specialties, although in the regions we will visit we will certainly see most of what is available there. It is not a full survey of these two countries, but some of the best and most fantastic birding they have to offer. It is a scenic trip, a gorgeous trip, a flavorful trip and a comfortable trip. Alvaro will lead this trip, so you go with the “guy who wrote the book” on Chilean birds, and we will be joined by experts in wine that will lead us through understanding and enjoying the tastes that are available. The field of Enology – Ornithology is born, and you can be part of what promises to be one of the most popular ways to see the birds of Chile and Argentina.

Salud! is how we say cheers down here, start practicing because we will be toasting every lifer feathered or liquid we encounter in the Latin Mediterranean.

5 Responses to Chile – Argentina. Birds & Wine!

  1. Bill Fintel says:

    Your Chile-Argentina Birds and Wine trip looks great and we hope to finalize with you very soon.


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  4. anne hopstock says:

    2015 may be difficult (birding in Kenya in late January) but 2016 is a great year – hopefully you will offer this tour in 2016 as well ???
    Extremely interested :-)

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