About Alvaro’s Adventures

Anna's Hummingbird

Anna's Hummingbird having a litte drink. This bird photographed at Alvaro's home base of Half Moon Bay, California.

I love birds and birding, and love to share that interest with other folks! This is why I have been leading international birding trips for 15 years now, and still enjoy every minute of it. The mix of being outdoors, seeing wonderful wildlife, and enjoying the company of great people makes touring something I cannot get tired of. It is with this in mind that I decided that I wanted to setup a series of tours with my distinct personal stamp. My aim is to make tours which are above all, fun, just a great time out in the field. I also have a keen interest in making tours which are informative and rich, while not ignoring culture, food, and other aspects which make travel a joy. I will be developing tours which tap my unique and extensive experience, such as in Chile, California, and Argentina for example. I will be developing tours based around topics, such as migration observation trips. I will be developing tours that combine unique cultural and birding opportunities – like mixing the endemic dry regions of Argentina and Chile with the world class wine that is produced there! I will go to places that pull me to them for one reason or another, such as northern Finland and Arctic Norway. Having small kids myself, I also think that family birding trips are a valuable way to spend time with kids, getting everyone outdoors, learning and enjoying each other in nature is also an aim. I plan to have varied trips, unique trips, fun trips where you will have no doubt you had the birding vacation of your life. That is why I created Alvaro’s Adventures. Furthermore I love to teach, and I will be offering workshops, lectures and online resources to birders who want to learn more about these birds we all love.

Thanks for stopping by, and I truly hope you will come on a nature adventure. Keep watching, keep in touch and also let me know what trips you want to go on. If they sound like great birding, and a good time – let’s go!! Good Birding – Alvaro.

Click here for the Birding Magazine interview with Alvaro

3 Responses to About Alvaro’s Adventures

  1. Douglas Harding says:

    Congratulations on your adventure into the business of birding tours.

    Buena suerte


  2. Congratulations on your adventure into the business of birding tours. You are welcome to Uganda for birding, Mountain Gorillas, and wildlife tours. We shall do our best to offer you and your friends a memorable experience. I remember how you welcomed me at the Pelagic trip in Maine in 2006.

  3. Michael McCullough says:

    We just returned from a birding adventure with Alvaro in Trinidad and Tobago. Great time and awesome experience from a top notched professional. I would love to share a photo series link through via my “smugmug” photo sharing site if you are interested.

    copy and paste this link: http://chiromwm.smugmug.com/photos/swfpopup.mg?AlbumID=27618412&AlbumKey=V5H8F3

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