Trinidad and Tobago with the Idaho Bird Observatory

Scarlet Ibis - Trinidad

I just returned from co-guiding a fantastic trip with Jay Carlisle of the Idaho Bird Observatory. This was the second in our “series,” last year we went to Guatemala and this year we went to Trinidad & Tobago. I will post some photos and our trip checklist soon. In the meantime, please enjoy participant Mike McCullough’s gorgeous photos on his smugmug site:

Mike’s Photos


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2 Responses to Trinidad and Tobago with the Idaho Bird Observatory

  1. Nigel Lallsingh says:

    Hi Alvaro, with 20 years of birding in Trinidad and Tobago, I have only seen Mottled owl two times, which was last year in Gran Couva, so I am no expert in this regard, however Mike’s photo labeled Tropical-screech owl from January 2013 Trinidad trip, looks much like the immature Mottled owl I saw recently, and this would be another great bird, you have found in T & T.


  2. Alvaro says:

    Nigel, thanks for your comment. We did indeed identify that bird as a Mottled Owl in the field, I think there was a labelling snafu there you picked up on. It was my first Mottled Owl in Trinidad, and one of the few Roodahl our local Asa Wright guide had seen in the area. I have had luck with owls in T & T, some years ago finding Striped Owl in Tobago, unfortunately that has not shown up again.

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